COVID-19 Policy

COVID-19 Control Policy

Club 1 Studios Ltd. will take proactive steps to protect our fitness facility in the event of an infectious disease outbreak, such as COVID-19. It is the goal of Club 1 Studios Ltd. during any such time period to strive to operate effectively and ensure that all services are continuously provided and that employees and clients are safe within the facility.

Club 1 Studios Ltd. is committed to providing authoritative information about the nature and spread of infectious diseases such as COVID-19, including symptoms and signs to watch for, as well as required steps to be taken in the event of an illness or outbreak. Communication to all employees, trainers and clients will be sent via email.

Preventing the spread of infection in the workplace:

Club 1 Studios Ltd. will ensure a clean workplace, including the regular cleaning of objects and areas that are frequently used, such as washrooms, lunchrooms, consultation rooms, tanning rooms and assessment rooms, door handles and railings. A team will be designated to monitor and coordinate events around an infectious disease outbreak should it occur, as well as to create instructions that are implemented to promote safety through infection control.

The best strategy remains the most obvious – frequent hand washing with warm, soapy water; covering your mouth whenever you sneeze or cough; and discarding used tissues in wastebaskets. We also have alcohol-based hand sanitizers and wipes throughout the fitness facility and in all common areas. Company issued personal protective equipment (PPE) is also available and should be used and disposed of after use.

Staying at home when ill:

During an infectious disease outbreak, it is critical that employees, trainers and clients do not come to the gym while they are ill and/or experiencing the following symptoms: fever (100 degrees F or 37.8 degrees C), cough, headache, sore throat, hard time breathing, body aches, chills, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea and/or fatigue.  Currently the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends that people with an infectious illness remain at home or seek medical attention as necessary until they are fever-free, no longer contagious and are well enough to return to work. Those showing any symptoms will be asked to leave the premises.

Social distancing guidelines for infectious disease outbreaks:

Club 1 Studios Ltd. has implemented social distancing guidelines of 6 feet distancing to minimize the spread of the disease among employees, trainers and clients.

Sign Posting:

Several signs posted throughout the offices and fitness floor are as follows:

  • Social distancing tips
  • Practice social distancing
  • Temporary handshake free zone
  • How to handwash
  • How to sanitize hands

Cleaning and Sanitation:

All washrooms, changerooms and lunchrooms are cleaned frequently.

Many rooms, the fitness floor and mezzanine have disinfectant wipes available to everyone.

Highly touched areas will be cleaned with a disinfectant spray on a more frequent basis as follows:

  • Entrance/exit/internal doorknobs and handles
  • Lunchrooms, including faucet, refrigerator, toaster ovens, sink and tables
  • Independent lockers
  • Washrooms, including all surfaces
  • Drinking fountain and vending machine
  • Hand sanitizer, tissue dispensers and wipe dispensers


All visitors to our facility during this time of concern will be required to complete a health questionnaire in advance of being granted entry.  This is for the safety of all employees, trainers and clients, so each and everyone of us needs to be responsible to support and enforce these steps.

All visitors must enter thru the front main entrance and sign in at reception.  Should a visitor respond YES to any of the questions, they will be denied access to the facility and asked to leave.