Everything you deserve from your gym… all included. Because you are worth it.

New member Benefits INCLUDE

 Free Towel Service

Free use of a gym towel and body towel.

Free Online Personal Training

You asked for you, you got it…. every membership comes with free workout plans based on your goals.

Free Group Classes

We have all your favourite complimentary classes, from yoga, to Zumba, to Spin and more.

A Modern Facility

All new, top of the line equipment equipment… check out our eco friendly equipment!

VIP Treatment

Because you are special, you’ll be treated as such!

Access to a 3D Body Scan

One of the few facilities around where you can get the most accurate information about your body.

Member Portal Access to Club Amenities

From scheduling to purchasing and even sharing, all are on our app.  Making your life easier.

Access to Top Professionals in their Field

Our staff are hand picked and are leaders in their field.

A facility built by a Personal Trainer and a Competitive Athlete to facilitate an Optimal Training Platform

A club built by the people who actually know whats best for your programming and success.

New member Benefits INCLUDE:

Want more? You got it!

  • Complimentary Wellness coach session
  • Complimentary Registered Dietitian session
  • Fitness Challanges with prizes
  • Complimentary Toiletries
  • Lockers with built in locks
  • Option to rent your own permanent locker, with VIP towel service
  • loyalty program
  • And exclusive Club 1 Rewards program



Be rewarded for working out, pampering yourself, sharing the love and so much more!